Being a teenager means…

Being a teenager means that sometimes adults won’t believe you even if you’re telling the truth. It means discovering yourself and who you are and what you have to offer to the world. It means finding out what you want to do in life. Being a teenager can be a difficult task. Sometimes adults don’t recognize that they put stress on teenagers. Sometimes they don’t realize that they’re discouraging us as certain points in our lives by comparing us to other people. The worst things is when they compare us to our siblings. Now I know that they sometimes don’t realize it and because of that, you have to talk to them and get them to understand that our generation is different from theirs was just as our children’s generation will be different from ours. Yes being a teenager is difficult but we also have to communicate with our parents to let them these things and our struggles. Being a teenager is difficult and because of that, we have to let our parents know the things that we think so that they can understand better and make an effort. How can we expect them to make an effort if they don’t even know what they’re making an effort for?


I wish the world could be a better place..

Today I was watching a movie. As I was watching it I got to thinking that why do some people have to bring others down just to boost their self-esteem? Why do we judge people? We do some of the nicest people get bullied when they don’t deserve it because all they were doing was being themselves. Why do we spread rumors when we know they’re not true. Why can human nature be so cruel. I myself have judged a person but I do it without realizing it because like I said.. it’s part of human nature. Sometimes I wish that people wouldn’t bring others down because it’s sad to see others get beaten down. Although I have never been bullied myself, I do see others sometimes getting picked on and it’s not a delightful thing to see. I wish I could help everyone feel good about themselves sometimes but that would be very difficult since I don’t necessarily know everyone. From now on though, I’m going to start being more conscious of when I judge people so that I can stop doing it and I’m also going to give people compliments to brighten their day. It’s positive thing to do. I’m going to say things that I would want others to say to me.. be polite.

I’m terrified of public speaking!

Whenever I have to get up in front of people to speak, I get so nervous that I start to shake. I hope that no one notices but I feel like everyone does anyways. I start to even sweat a little and my face turns hot and pink. I also hope that no one notices the color changing in my face but I think that they do! Over the years, I have little by little tried to conquer this fear but I don’t think that anything I do really helps. All I can do is hope for the best and take deep breaths to calm my nerves a little to make sure that I don’t start shaking like crazy. Especially my voice.. my voice also sounds like it’s shaking and it sounds like I’m about to cry. It’s a terrible feeling in my gut because I just want to run off sometimes. Although I want to run off, I don’t because I eventually get through it. Does this every happen to anyone else?! LOL, I hope that I’m not the only one!!

From Child to Teen to Adult

When I was a kid, I used to believe in Santa Claus, I used to believe in the Tooth Fairy, and I used to believe in many other make believe figures because I didn’t know better. Later in life, I figured out for myself that none of these make believe figures actually exist. Life as a child was free and careless. I didn’t care about what clothes I wore or about how my hair looked. My only worries were silly things such as whether to eat an apple or a banana. Being a teen now, I care about what clothes I wear and about what my hair looks like. I worry about more difficult tasks such as life in general and what I want to do in life. Life as a child was easier than what life is now. When we are kids, we don’t realize how easy we have it. As you start to get older you realize that maybe you want to go back to being a child because those were the easy days you know? At least sometimes I wish that I could go back to being a child. Especially when I don’t know what I want to do with my life or where I want to go in life. I remember how those were the easy days. But then I remember that what I’m going through are only puzzle pieces of my life. I have to think about what the whole picture will look like at the end. Even though I don’t know what I want to do, I do know that once I’m one hundred percent sure, I’ll put all my effort into it to accomplish my goals. Once I do that, I’ll be able to see the whole puzzle much more clearly. Until then, I’m going to enjoy being a teen and not rush into being an adult because once I become an adult, I can’t get my teen years back just as I can’t get my child years back. Once I do become and adult and once I do know what to do with my life, I’ll give 110%. I won’t accelerate the moment, though, to get there.