I wish the world could be a better place..

Today I was watching a movie. As I was watching it I got to thinking that why do some people have to bring others down just to boost their self-esteem? Why do we judge people? We do some of the nicest people get bullied when they don’t deserve it because all they were doing was being themselves. Why do we spread rumors when we know they’re not true. Why can human nature be so cruel. I myself have judged a person but I do it without realizing it because like I said.. it’s part of human nature. Sometimes I wish that people wouldn’t bring others down because it’s sad to see others get beaten down. Although I have never been bullied myself, I do see others sometimes getting picked on and it’s not a delightful thing to see. I wish I could help everyone feel good about themselves sometimes but that would be very difficult since I don’t necessarily know everyone. From now on though, I’m going to start being more conscious of when I judge people so that I can stop doing it and I’m also going to give people compliments to brighten their day. It’s positive thing to do. I’m going to say things that I would want others to say to me.. be polite.


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